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We focus on an action-oriented population.



My Core Values

  • That each and every human being on Earth is a person of value
  • That each of us deserves to have a life that is satisfying: one that incorporates love, connection, freedom, responsibility, meaning, and purpose
  • That we are all connected at a fundamental level - from which we came and to where we are going
  • There is light in each of us
  • To help people, one at a time, find and experience deep gratitude and a profound joy that is available in each moment


Many times as a child, positive attention or affection was given for good grades or doing well in sports.  This is where the positive reinforcement for achievement, power, and success was born and often continues into adulthood.  So as an adult, we may find that though we may be successful in our profession or monetarily we are still not quite satisfied.

For many successful professionals, the drive to achieve is very strong. Setting and reaching goals is something to strive for and be proud of. But in some cases, the drive to achieve takes on an addictive quality. Often, people with a history of trauma, emotional abuse, abandonment issues, or emotional neglect may have an underlying belief that "something is wrong with me."

This is often where unhealthy coping mechanisms come in including addictive behaviors. This includes not only addiction to power, money, success, or material things but substances and/or relationships as well.

Due to my many years in the mental health field, I am particularly adept at working with addictions, underlying unconscious conflicts, resistance, difficult emotions including anger, depression, and anxiety, as well as getting people "unstuck." Once some of these issues are resolved, there is more clarification and direction for our life's purpose.

Best Life Coaching's philosophy for life satisfaction -
Research has shown that people who report having a satisfying life generally have 3 things in common:

A sense of freedom, agency, and independence
A sense of connection, belonging, of loving others and being loved
A sense of meaning and purpose in their life

Why should a client consider paying a fee-for-service with life coaching rather than using their insurance and going to a therapist?

When a client uses their insurance, there are specific parameters set by the insurance companies that limit and restrict the tools that therapists can use.  This includes particular techniques that are evidence-based and effective but may be seen as controversial as they are not as commonly used in Western medicine.  In my fee-for-service coaching practice, I can use these techniques and tools which include biofeedback, neurofeedback, hypnosis, and energy psychology practices.             Other restrictions placed by insurance companies may also include the severity of diagnoses that are acceptable to treat or the number of sessions that are required to treat each client.  Unfortunately, many insurance companies seem to believe that there should be a one-size-fits-all regarding mental health and well-being.  My experience has shown that even with the same diagnosis, the etiology of the diagnosis, the techniques that will be effective, the skills that will be helpful, the time frame that will be needed, the motivation that will be seen, and prognosis can all vary greatly.  
Often in therapy, there is much focus on the past to gain insights to create a whole picture moving forward.  In coaching, most of the focus is on the present and future, with a more goal-oriented clientele.  I have found that I can affect a great deal of change with clients who are ready and motivated to make these changes.  Often it is just a matter of understanding what has held them back from making the changes and a bit of clarity for the path forward.  I work with my clients to develop this plan as a team, plan for obstacles, do regular check-ins, make adjustments to goals as needed and have a clear end goal in mind.  With our work together, my clients can understand how to tackle obstacles, set, and achieve goals on their own and begin to create the life that they have wanted. 

The Space

The Best Life Coaching office of Dr. Christine Olney is located in Oxnard, CA with a beautiful view of the Channel Islands. Her office is a safe and comfortable environment to explore issues, gain insights, develop skills, and learn tools in order to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

Coaching sessions can be done in-person at the office or by video conference. Discounted package rates are available.

If coaching is something that you have considered, call and schedule your free 30-minute consultation with Dr. Christine Olney. It is time that you invested in yourself.